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Like so many Black boys, I grew up without my father. He was not involved in my life, and to this day I have only had a handful of encounters with him. Thankfully, my mother surrounded me with several strong men who were able to serve as excellent male mentors. These men shared wisdom, provided correction, and – most importantly – directed me toward God.


Everything from a young man’s style of dress and patterns of speech – all the way up to his life’s vision (or lack thereof) – is heavily influenced by what he sees exemplified in the lives of the men around him. For boys like me, the involvement of other strong males allows the void left by a father to be appropriately filled – but not all are as fortunate as I was. This leads many young men to follow the only examples they have: men they witness in the neighborhood, on television, in movies, etc.


It is this understanding which has given birth to Kingdom Community Outreach. You can’t be what you can’t see! Thus, the aim of this organization is to show young men a different side of Black masculinity. We will serve as torch-bearers, boldly upholding God’s standard of manhood so that young men may see it and see themselves in it.

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Stephen Moore

Founder and Head Coach