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"So many individuals and organizations have contributed to our effort. Some contributed their prayers, insight, and time - while others donated money, equipment, and other resources. Each of your gifts are truly appreciated. Thank you for your generosity!"

- Stephen Moore




We have a brand new fundraising effort, and we need your help!


We do our best to locate our programs in the heart of the community, but there are still many children who cannot join us due to lack of transportation. To solve this issue - and to expand the provision of our services - we are seeking to purchase a 15-passenger van.


That's where you come in!

You can help in two ways:


1. Donate toward the purchase of the van by clicking this link.

2. Share the donation link on social media.


Even if you aren't able to donate, sharing the link will help tremendously!


Help us purchase the van  Donate Now >

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